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Corporate Dynamics - Fire Exercise

Jun. 19, 2019

Corporate Dynamics-Fire Exercise

In order to enable all employees to understand the basic knowledge of fire fighting, improve their awareness of safety and protection, enhance their ability of self-protection, master the skills of emergency response and escape from sudden fires, learn to extinguish fires and conduct orderly evacuation of personnel and property to ensure the safety of life and property of employees, the company organized the elimination on June 12, 2019. Anti-knowledge training and exercise activities.

The drill was conducted in a tense and orderly manner and was successful. Through this fire drill, not only all staff members were strengthened, but also the operation and use steps and methods of general fire extinguishing equipment were mastered, which further improved the ability of all staff and renters to deal with emergencies.

1. Leaders attach importance to the organization of exercises

In this fire drill, the company leaders and the heads of departments attach great importance to the drill work, carefully examine the drill plan, determine the purpose, principle and scale of the drill, personally deploy the drill work, personally conduct the command on the drill site, issue drill orders, observe the drill situation, and implement the drill work comprehensively. Control.

2. Careful planning and safe and feasible drilling plan

According to the requirements of fire department and the actual situation of our company's safety work, the main task of this fire drill is to carry out a fire emergency drill. Its main purpose is to enable each participant to learn the correct use of fire extinguishers, master the basic methods of fire escape, improve self-safety awareness, and resolve risks. After careful study, the "company fire drill program" was drawn up. In order to make the drill plan safe and feasible, the time, place, content and object of the drill are explained in detail.

3. Actively participate in the drill and the effect is good.

At 17:10 p.m., with the alarm bell ringing, the employees of all departments and offices in the workshop gathered at designated safe locations in an orderly and orderly manner.

Subsequently, the person in charge of the exercise gave a specific explanation and demonstration on the use of fire extinguishers. Then the participants in the drill personally learned how to use fire extinguishers correctly.

The fire drill is tense and orderly, the safety assurance work is in place, and the drill achieves the expected effect, and finally achieves a complete success.

3. Achieving the Expected Purpose through Exercise

Through fire drills, the staff's awareness of prevention and ability of emergency self-rescue have been strengthened.

1. Participants'awareness of fire safety has been enhanced, and they have a further understanding of common knowledge of fire safety.

2. The ability to respond to emergencies has been improved. The field drill personnel can effectively organize and quickly respond to fire alarms, which will be of great benefit to the future response to emergencies.

3. During the drill, the participants were able to observe discipline, "all actions were under command", and the team cohesion was sublimated.

4. The organizational ability, commanding ability and adaptability of safety work leaders have also been trained.

Through this fire drill, we can further enhance the staff's awareness of prevention and self-rescue ability, understand and master how to identify dangers, how to take necessary emergency measures and other basic operations, so as to achieve rapid, orderly, timely and effective results in the accident. We will regularly carry out training or drills to improve our employees'emergency rescue skills and comprehensive quality of emergency response, effectively reduce accident hazards, reduce accident losses, and ensure the company's safe, healthy and orderly development.

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