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Attention Should Be Paid To The Production Of Handmade Gift Boxes

Jul. 12, 2019

Attention should be paid to the production of handmade gift boxes

Hand-made box is a kind of packaging printed matter which is very popular and used at present. A unique and innovative packaging box can make the product stand out and attract attention. There are several points needing attention in the production process of manual box printing:

First, paper selection, the general hand-made paper box is made of double copper paper, the weight is 128 g, 157 g, basically no hand-made paper box will have more than 200 g, because the face paper is too thick mounted out of the hand-made box is easy to foam, and the appearance is also rigid. The mounting paper is to select suitable double-gray cardboard according to the customer's needs.

Second, plate-making, now the handmade box pays attention to beautiful appearance, so the color of the plate is also varied. Usually a style of handmade box not only has four basic colors, but also several spot colors, such as gold, silver, which are spot colors. _

3. Printing, manual boxes are usually printed only with paper wrapping, mounting paper can not be printed, and at most only dyed, because manual boxes are mostly packaged boxes, so printing requires high technology, the most taboo color differences, ink shortcomings, rotten version of these aesthetic shortcomings.

4. Surface treatment. Hand-made boxes of face paper usually need surface treatment. The common ones are over-gloss glue, over-dumb glue, over-uv, over-gloss oil and over-dumb oil.

5. Beer and beer are also important links in the printing process. If beer is not accurate, the cutter must be accurate. If beer is not accurate, beer deviation and beer continuous will affect the follow-up processing.

Sixth, mounting, usually the printed matter is first mounted after beer, only the handmade box is first mounted after beer, one is afraid of making flowers wrapped paper, the other is to pay attention to the overall beauty, handmade boxes mounted paper must be handmade, in order to achieve a certain aesthetic.

Seventh, the final shape, generally no difficulty. Finally, it's time to punch the holes. If it's not, it's time to wipe the glue on the surface. Then it can be packed and delivered.

Through the above seven points of attention in manual box production, I hope that we can have a certain understanding of each process of manual box printing and the matters needing attention in each process.

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